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Ovation by Wyndham

Contact Wyndham First

We hope you enjoy a lifetime of travel experiences through CLUB WYNDHAM®, but we understand that lifestyles and vacation preferences can change over time. Just as we helped you customize your vacation plan when you first joined our Wyndham family, we’re also here to help you make a graceful exit based on your individual circumstances.

Ovation by Wyndham applauds you and the memories you’ve made through years of vacationing with us. The CLUB WYNDHAM Ovation by Wyndham program serves as the final act in your vacation screenplay, providing a warm Wyndham goodbye to those seeking simple, safe and secure exit options.

This comprehensive Wyndham timeshare exit program is simple and straightforward:

  • An Ovation by Wyndham representative will walk you through potential options.
  • If you are offered an exit option, there is no obligation to accept it.
  • If you are offered an exit option and accept it, our representative will coordinate the process directly with you from beginning to end.

Ovation by Wyndham encompasses a wide variety of timeshare resale and exit options such as Limited Edition and Tribute by Wyndham. There are no hidden fees, costs or additional purchases required to participate.

We’re continually evolving the Ovation by Wyndham timeshare exit program to include options that are tailored to our owners, and we encourage those with questions to email A designated Ovation by Wyndham representative will be in touch to walk you through your options. Or, if you would prefer to speak directly to the Ovation by Wyndham team, please call 888-752-1362, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. ET.

Thank you, and you’re always welcome.