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Discover Vacation Ownership

Vacations. Time to reboot, reconnect and find ourselves again.

They’re the source of amazing stories and family traditions. Of joy and healthy rejuvenation. Of exploration, learning and broadening horizons. The benefits of vacationing are well documented. And you’ll be hard pressed to find an account of someone reflecting upon their life with, “My biggest regret is I took too many vacations” or “I spent too much time with my family.” That’s why we’re here, and that’s what CLUB WYNDHAM® is all about — vacations and the life-enriching joy they bring to families.

Consider the Benefits

Spacious suites let you stretch out and vacation in comfort.

Check out animated videos that actually show you the benefits of vacationing in a resort condo versus a hotel.

Points enable you to vacation when, where and how you want.

Gone are the days when timeshare owners returned to the same place during the same season every year. (Unless, of course, they want to.) Today’s vacation ownership from CLUB WYNDHAM offers incredible flexibility, so you can vacation the way you want — even as your wants change.

Learn About Points

vacation ownership

You can have all of the above – and more.

Can you imagine that there are even more benefits than staying in beautiful resort condos in some of the most exciting destinations in the world AND vacationing the way you want through the unique flexibility of points? With CLUB WYNDHAM, there are! Let us show you why approximately 527,000 owner families have chosen CLUB WYNDHAM to turn their dream vacations into reality.

Discover Dream Vacations

A lifetime of amazing memories starts today.

CLUB WYNDHAM is about making time to make memories. It's truly a lifestyle to call your own. And wouldn't it be nice to know you're saving money, too?


Lock in the Value